This System Will Make You Love The Middle Airplane Seat

Or at least not hate it completely


Following the nightmarish hexagonal-grid seating concept that was mooted for airplanes not so long ago, here comes a new concept that, for once, is designed with the benefit of passengers in mind, rather than raising airline profit margins. 

While not technologically revolutionary, the new Side-Slip seat invented by Denver-based firm Molon Labe Designs is a welcome design that accords the long-suffering middle-seat passenger some consideration.

How? Via more space — two inches worth (generous by economy-class standards) — and dedicated armrests, which means there’s no need to battle your neighbours for elbow space.

The Side-Slip also allows the aisle seat to slide sideways over the middle seat, thereby clearing the aisle and creating more walking space to help speed up boarding and disembarking. Can’t picture it? Watch how the seat works here.

If the system does make its way to planes, will passengers start vying for the middle seat? We think it’s too early to tell. At the very least though, this is one small step towards more humanity in cattle class.

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