The Purple Reign Is Over

Sadly, the world has lost another music legend


Today, I woke up to the news that one of my favourite musicians, Prince, passed away last night. Stunned, all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed again and stay there for the rest of the day. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

The 57-year old pint-sized singer-songwriter-producer has joined them pop stars David Bowie and Glenn Frey, country singer Joey Feek and rocker Lemmy Kilmister in the great beyond, after he died in his home at Paisley Park, Minnesota in the early hours of of Friday here.

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, the Beautiful One was known for many things. He was eccentric, and at one point of his career he wanted to be known simply as a symbol. He was sexual, androgynous and flamboyant; he loved vamping it up onstage, preening and posing to the delight of audiences worldwide. He was a consummate performer - guitar, drums, keyboards, he played them all. He was a tiny man, but a music giant; Prince won seven Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Prince was also an award-winning songwriter, and known for amazing guitar solos especially on anthemic tracks like Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, Let's Go Crazy and When Doves Cry. He also wrote Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares To You and Alicia Keys' How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore.

But most of all, the acclaimed musician was a huge inspiration for younger stars including Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake and John Mayer. The former, a self-professed massive fan of Prince, tweeted a few hours ago, "Prince you're one of my Heroes and no one can tell me otherwise, not even you. I'm so fortunate…".

I feel fortunate too, for having grown up to Prince's music, which opened my eyes to concepts like creativity, conviction and freedom of expression. I leave you with my favourite Prince song of all-time, Little Red Corvette, by singer James Edgar. RIP, Mr Nelson.


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