The Personality Quiz That's Blowing People Away

Find out what a cube, a ladder, a horse and flowers can say about you


We all think we know ourselves best, but do we really? A Japanese psychology quiz, dubbed the "cube" game, may make you rethink things. It presents scenarios for you thin to think about, and is said to reveal things you may not know about yourself (or secretly know, but remain in denial about!).

Imagine you're walking through a desert. You see a cube; how big is it and what is it made of? Also, is the cube close to or far from the ground? Now imagine you see a ladder. Where is the ladder in relation to the cube, and what is the ladder made of? Next, imagine a horse is close to the cube. Is it tied up or free to roam, and is it wearing reins or a saddle?

Still with me? Good. Now imagine flowers near the cube; how many are there, and where are they, and how close are they to the cube? And lastly, imagine a storm brewing; is it near the cube, the ladder, the horse and the flowers? More importantly, are you scared of it?

Here's what I 'saw': A huge cube (a little like the Louvre) on the sand,with a steel ladder running up one side of it. Nearby was a black stallion, standing with its eyes closed as its mane ruffled is by the wind from a storm brewing in the near distance. All around the base of the cube, copious amounts of red roses grow like wildfire.

The answers, as it turns out, amused me. The cube is said to represent your ego, and how close to the ground it is represents how grounded you are. The proximity of the ladder to the cube is an indication of how close you are to your friends, and the material it's made of reflects the strength of your bonds with people. Also, if the ladder is on the cube, it shows that people tend to lean on your for support.

The horse being tied up or wearing a saddle reflects how you like to have control in a relationship. How free the horse is also indicates how wild you like relationships. The number of flowers reflects the number of children you'd like. And closer the storm is, the higher your stress levels are.

There are variations of the quiz on various sites that go into other deeper aspects such as whether or not you're a positive person, how possessive you are in relationships and how the more rungs you imagine in your ladder, the more friends you have.

What struck me, though, is how the interpretations hit quite close to home. Would I have different mental picture 5 to 10 years from now, when in a different phase of my life? Only time will tell. Till then, I am happy to bask in the things that matter in life: Purpose, and people that matter. What's your reading? Feel free to share them with me at


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