The GoT Update We've All Been Waiting For

Warning: Major spoilers ahead


Monday, 2 May, was a great day for TV — one of the reasons being the big reveal on HBO's Game of Thrones. Along with legions of fans who have watched the series since it debuted back in 2011, I've suffered bouts of anxiety over Jon Snow's apparent DOA status.

After the agonising first episode last week where Snow lay stiff as a board in numerous scenes, I had been harbouring secret hopes of a resurrection. And now, I can finally rest easy. As it turns out, it's not true that Jon Snow knows nothing. And he's apologised for it. There's been closure —and happily, of the good kind.

I guess actress Amanda Peet's ultimatum to her husband, Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff, worked. Or we've just been strung along all this time. Either way, bless you, Amanda!

The rest of the season should be very interesting, given the numerous sub-plots which show much promise when it comes to revenge, romance, pride and honour. For me, Monday has become the new Friday.


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