Here’s The One Person Who Thinks Game Of Thrones Is A Joke

Turns out everyone’s fave female power is also a major prankster


Call her Daenerys Targaryen: The Great Khaleesi, Breaker of Chains and Mother of...Pranks

Because it has recently come to light that in between all those (literally) gut-wrenching battle scenes, intense plot twists and emotionally traumatising deaths, Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke seeks solace in comic relief. You’ve got to make up for all that darkness somehow, right? 

Example A: When she’s not riling up her horse-mounted Dothraki warriors, she’s, uh, rapping with them. To Tupac, no less.

In this recent clip Clarke shared on Instagram, she and co-star Joe Naufahu (Khal Moro) sing along to the late rapper’s 90’s hit “All About You” while dressed in full GOT gear. The video is captioned “But did the three-eyed raven see THIS?!!” and the whole thing is very Straight Outta (the Seven Kingdoms). Who knew?

While glorious though, it’s pretty confusing at the same time - the pair seem too chummy for major on-screen rivals. We guess it’s safe to say there’s nothing a little bonding over old-school rap can’t fix.  

And then there was this, which went viral late last month. This time, Clarke is smearing dessert all over Naufahu’s body as he naps in an office chair. “I had my dessert sitting on the table, and she decided to smear it on me,” Naufahu told Vulture magazine. “She put caramel fudge all over my fingers, all over my costume, and she was about to feed it to me, but I woke up with a spoon in my mouth.”

The whole thing went down in between takes during a late-night shoot for the season’s sixth episode Blood Of My Blood. Nice one, Khaleesi - looks like you don’t need dragons or the unsullied to take revenge.

You didn’t think we’d leave this little gem out, did you? Remember when the cast collaborated with Coldplay's Chris Martin for the hilarious Game of Thrones: The Musical? That was the best 12 minutes we’ve spent outside of a sample sale, and Clarke’s solo stole the show. Sing it with us now: “I’m a Rastafarian Targaryen, I got some dragons and they’re very scary-en’...” 

Although we’re not sure she deserves to sit on the iron throne, the one thing we can all agree on is that Clarke is one heck of a co-star to have. For the set is hers, and full of surprises.

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