The Dance Move EVERYONE Will Bust Out This Weekend

You’ll need a pen, an apple and a pineapple for this


If you’ve been anywhere near a working Internet connection within the last 24 hours, pens, apples and pineapples would now have a whole new meaning to you.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Firstly, where have you been? And secondly, watch and listen to the viral tune, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, that’s been sweeping the Internet the past day below.

The ear-worm, written, composed and performed by Piko-Taro, a character created by Japanese comedian and DJ Kosaka Daimaou, has been touted the next Gangnam Style, and has prompted numerous remixes and parodies.


We’d go into the complex, emotional lyrics, but what really caught our attention was Piko-Taro’s impressive dance moves. From sashaying and grabbing invisible pens and fruit, to side-stepping and the final air-grab, these are dance moves that will literally burn up the dance floor.

Plus, if it is anything like Gangnam Style, it’s only a matter of time before club DJs start adding the ditty into their song list. So grab all the animal print clothes you have because it’s time to practice — we’ve already started and you should too.

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