This Companion Will See You Home Anytime

Who needs a friend when you have this chummy safety app?


A new personal-safety mobile app is gaining popularity worldwide, and is worth a download if you often stay out late at night. The Companion app, originally created by five students from the University of Michigan to aid students in walking safely back to their rooms at night across campuses, is being used by people everywhere in their daily lives.

Here’s how it works: Users can send out requests to their own phone contacts to get them to virtually see them home. These contacts don’t even need to have the app installed on their phones because they will receive a hyperlink to a web page with an interactive map displaying their friend’s real-time path.

The app can also detect movement changes — such as if the user is pushed or starts running — and will ask the user to tap a button on the app to confirm if they’re okay within 15 seconds. If they do not press the button, or in the case of a real emergency, the Companion app transforms the user’s phone into a personal alarm system that projects loud noises and alerts the user’s elected companions.

This is not just handy for women’s safety, but also for children and the elderly, to make sure they don’t get lost while travelling on their own. Sure, you can always simply just call someone for company, but this app certainly helps by offering you the option to connect to more than one person. And since Companion is free for download for both iPhones and Android mobiles, why not give it a go?

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