The Best Ways To Save On Airfare This Festive Season

Get more bang for your travel buck with these tips for year-end getaways


Made your year-end travel plans yet? With just months to go, don’t wait any longer – *average airfares increase up to 50 per cent during Christmas holidays compared to the rest of the year. This is one of the findings by travel search engine, which analysed data from past years’ peak festive seasons. Here are some other surprising revelations:

  • Average airfares increase up to 50 per cent during the Christmas period

Based on the data collected, airfares cost at least 15 per cent more on average during the Christmas period. If you haven’t already done so, here’s more incentive to book your flights soon: Prices tend to go as high as 50 per cent more for flights to Auckland (50 per cent), Manila (49 per cent), Taipei (37 per cent) and Sydney (33 per cent).

  • It’s cheaper to fly to Paris, New York and Seoul during the same period

While flight prices generally increase during the Christmas period, analysis highlighted exceptions for several key holiday destinations. On average, the demand for flights to Paris, New York and Seoul fall during the year-end period. Paris-bound travellers, for instance, you can enjoy fares up to 18 per cent cheaper than the average price throughout the year. 

  • Flight searches for Christmas holidays start as early as March

This is no surprise: Singaporeans appear to be super organised and prepare their Christmas trips well in advance. Summer travel in July and August also see a spike in searches, , although summertime serves as a distraction, with July seeing a 3% increase compared to June, which saw a 33% increase in searches.

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 *All results are based on travel searches made between January 2015 to July 2015 on or Christmas travel from Singapore to destinations abroad. The Christmas travel period is defined as 18 Dec, 2015 to 3 Jan, 2016. All searches are based on return flights and prices are based on average costs.

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