The Art Of Packing Light Yet Chic

Travelling with a little doesn't mean looking a lot less stylish


Getting the suitcase in order is a major chore before every overseas jaunt, and how well you do it could make or break a holiday or business trip. Here's how to pack both light and chic, including the key fashion pieces to bring and how to make sure they arrive in a wearable state.

Pack light

1. Wear your heaviest clothing. If you need cold-weather items like boots or a coat, don’t pack them but wear them on the journey there instead.

2. Grit your teeth and do a footwear edit. Bring no more than two pairs of shoes, including the ones you’re wearing. Wear the bulkier pair, typically sneakers or boots. Pack the smaller pair — think sandals, flats or espadrilles.

3. Invest in good cold-weather clothing and they’ll help cut down the number of layers you need to wear. Thin, lightweight, high-quality wool clothing and thermal undershirts are always good options.

4. Suitcase accessories like packing cubes, pouches and bags help maximise space. What’s more, they keep everything organised and tidy, so you can find what you need in an instant.

5. Cut down on toiletries — if it costs less than $10 and is available at your destination, buy it there. In many countries, you’ll actually save money. Plus, we could always use an excuse to go drugstore-shopping!

6. Leave the hairdryer at home, please, and do you really need those curling tongs? If a beauty appliance is that indispensable on trips, you should consider purchasing a travel-friendly version.

Pack chic

1. Pack outfits instead of random pieces — that way, you won’t have trouble styling your outfits abroad. 

2. Throw in versatile pieces for repeat wear: Leather moto jacket, Oxford shirt, nude stilettos, black dress. 

3. Can’t cram it all in? Get rid of your most statement-y pieces. 

4. Fold or roll? Neither, when packing your stiffer pieces, like coats. Lie them flat at the bottom, across the length of your suitcase and let it drape over the edge. Flip the ends in neatly right before you zip up luggage. 

5. Hang and pack delicate pieces in dry-cleaning bags and lay it on top — one piece per bag! That surprisingly prevents wrinkles. Roll everything else, including jeans and tees. 

6. Pack heavy items (shoes and toiletries) just above the luggage wheels so they will sit at the bottom of your bag. 

7. Belts go around the sides, socks go in the shoes and precious jewellery should be worn, not packed — never put anything you can’t afford to lose in checked luggage.

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