Here’s Why You Should Stop Using That Shopping Cart

It’s among the 10 dirtiest things many of us touch on a regular basis


We can try our best to maintain good hygiene habits, but there’s really no way we can avoid exposure to all germs out there.   

If you pause and count the number of germy things you’ve touched just in the last hour, you’d be drenching your palms in hand sanitiser, stat.

Think the toilet flush button and the MRT handrails are the dirtiest things you’ve come into contact with? says that these items, ranked in order of the germiest, are far more disgusting: 

1. Money

Just think about the number of hands it passes through in a day. Bills that are made of paper can carry more germs than a household toilet, and can also transport a live flu virus for up to 17 days - yikes! 

2. Light switch

It’s one place in the office or home that collects the most fingerprints and therefore germs that come along with contact.  

3. Computer keyboard

It’s full of crevices and an item we hardly ever clean (and never thoroughly enough if we ever do). Worse still if you often eat at your desk. Try tipping your keyboard over and shaking out the stuff trapped beneath the keys - then you’ll understand what we mean.

4. Mobile phone

Our fingers, which have touched a hundred things in public places, are all over our mobile phones every day. Makes sense to give your cell phone a good wipe when you get home, doesn’t it?

5. Toilet seat

No surprise here, this is the source of fecal matter that gets everywhere, including the items listed above and below.

6. Shopping cart

Children are always exploring the handlebars of these things with their mouths. Doesn’t help that these carts are hardly ever cleaned by supermarket staff.

7. Remote control

In hotel rooms especially, the remote control is a hotbed of germs (collected from travellers everywhere). Here’s a tip: Always pack a couple of Ziploc bags when you’re travelling - you can slip one over the hotel remote as a contact barrier.

8. Bathtub

The bathtub in your hotel room might look sparkling clean, but don’t count on it being so. Especially if you see a slip-resistant bath mat, a.k.a a magnet for germs, in it.

9. Kitchen sink

Don’t make it a habit to leave used crockery in the sink to soak, as this will breed E.coli and salmonella bacteria.

10. Kitchen sponge

Under NO circumstances should you use the communal dishwashing sponge in your office pantry - we think this is self-explanatory.

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