Sushi Is Being Reinvented In The Most Ingenious Ways

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Sushi is one of my all-time favourite foods because really, what’s there not to like? Deliciously fresh fish lying languidly on translucent, vinegary grains – yummeh! It’s charmingly egalitarian too, as you can add anything from humble toppings like egg and avocado to the more exquisite stuff like sea urchin, and still call it sushi.

Of late though, sushi’s core values are being challenged thanks to chefs keen to flex their creative muscles.

For starters, there’s local start-up Sushi Burrito, which sells – as its name suggests – sushi rolls bundled in burrito wraps.

Then we have the glorious sushi cake (which I am going to request as my official birthday cake from now on. I hear Teppei does a version of this):


Next, sushi doughnuts, courtesy of vegan sushi lover and foodstagrammer @sobeautifullyraw!

Even sushi burgers are making a comeback. While they’ve been on Japanese fast food chain MOS Burger’s menu since the ’80s, other restaurants are coming up with new iterations that take the concept to a more exquisite level…

Question: Is a pizza still a pizza without cheese? I don't really care, because SUSHI.

Finally, let us introduce you to sushi tacos:

Let’s keep the sushi train going!

Photos: Sushi Burrito, @sobeautifullyraw, nowimacook, Takami Sushi,

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