Super-fy Your Diet With These Health Heroes

Move over, kale. Here are the new stars of the nutrition field


What’s in for 2016 in the world of health food? The Super Team from Singapore-based superfoods e-business, Superlife Co, clues us in and tells us why they should be included in our meals.

Why has it become more important to eat healthily?

People are always looking for shortcuts to health issues; they pop diet pills to lose weight, or consume energy drinks to stay alert. With our hectic lifestyles, it only makes sense to seek sustainable ways of eating and living healthily.

We know we need to eat better - what's stopping us?

People think to “eat clean”, you need to spend a lot of time and money preparing meals that end up unsatisfying and bland. Many don’t realise how easy it is to strike a balance between better nutrition and comfort food. For instance, carry packets of chia seeds you can add to water or drinks to boost your daily fibre intake.  

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