Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Now

The new GoT trailer reveals lots of action, the return of Bran Stark and too many shots of a lifeless Jon Snow


We're way past the Jon Snow debate (will he be back?) and have refocused our attentions to swotting up before the new season of Game of Thrones returns. Last we remember, Sansa and Theon escaped, Jon Snow was betrayed and stabbed, Cersei did a walk of shame, Daenarys faced the Dothraki, who don't look happy.

The just-released trailer has made our day. The numerous cutaways go by in a blur, but based on what we spotted, it's going to be a great season.

Jon Snow's lifeless body. The promise of Jamie and Cersei's revenge. Another funeral pyre (Jon Snow's? Scream!). A dishevelled and muddied Daenarys wearing, looking lost. Sansa looking pensive (at least she's alive and from the looks of it, didn't break her legs in the huge hump she and Theon Greyjoy took in last season's finale). Tyrion in what looks like a dungeon. Cersei looking badass. Cool battle scenes. Uh oh, Margaery is still in prison. Theon looks terrifed, again. More Lannister incest - surprise! Brienne does her thing, another one bits the dust. Melisandre is up to no good again. Jon Snow's lifeless body again (Scream! Scream!). Someone jumps off a balcony, we think it's Arya. More fighting. OMG, Bran Stark! OMG, why is he standing next to the King of the White Walkers? Damn, Jon Snow's lifeless body again (OK, we get the message HBO).

Game of Thrones season six airs same time as the US (Monday 25 April at 9am) on HBO, with a same-day primetime encore at 9pm.Watch the trailer below!


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