Spend A Night In A Suite Built Out Of Sand

And it won’t crumble while you sleep, promises The Zand Hotel in the Netherlands 


A sandcastle made for living in — we’re not joking, except that it’s really a hotel with a sandcastle-like exterior. The Zand Hotel in the Netherlands has created the world’s first accommodations that are made out of sand, taking a month to build two hotels as part of a sand sculpture festival in the towns of Sneek, Friesland, and Oss, Brabant, in the Netherlands.

The exteriors might appear wacky, but the interiors look fit for a comfortable stay - better than some mid-range accommodations of the concrete variety, in fact. Each hotel houses just two one-bedroom suites that come fully furnished, with windows, electricity, running water and even wi-fi.

The rooms are also kitted out in sophisticated furniture, while the living area has a TV, plush seats, a coffee table and bookshelves.

If you’re wondering how sturdy the construction is, be assured - the buildings’ basic structures are actually made of thin walls which are then covered with compact, reinforced sand.

The nightly rate here is €150, which sounds pretty reasonable...except that you won’t be able get a reservation for the rest of the year as the hotels are booked out. Look forward to next year though, as the organisers behind the Zand plan to repeat their sand-tastic stunt at both venues, and also the UK and Germany.

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