What To Snuggle Up To This Weekend

No boyfriend, no cry


Pancakes and mermaids and pebbles, oh my! While memory foam, charcoal and contour pillows used to be a mainstay in bedrooms and living areas, their positions are now being challenged by a range of other huggables or neck rests promising unparalleled comfort. Here are five we'd like to get our hands on, for a better night's sleep and Netflix marathons. 

Pancake pillow

We're surprised we haven't caught on to this ingenious creation earlier. No matter what kind of sleeper you are (back, front, side), this product promises you the perfect pillow height. How? Each 300 thread-count cotton-covered pillow case unzips to reveal six separate ultra soft microfiber fill pillows. Find your ideal height, whether it's a stack of three, five or six layers. Order yours here.

Living Stone pillows

Fancy turning your living area into an art installation space, or bringing more of the outdoors in? now you can, with these plush finds that look uncannily like pebbles! Cotton-filled and available individually or as a set, they come in a variety of tones (the granite-grey ones are gorgeous!) and shapes. global shipping is free, click here to order.

Mermaid pillows

All the rage among Netizens now, don't expect to see Ariel's face smiling back at you, but be wowed by how their not just ordinary, one-dimensional cushions. Created by Aviva Standoff Design, what you see is not what you get (only); reversible sequins flip colours when you run your hands across the surface of the cushions, allowing you to create different designs such monograms, words or other shapes. Trying to imagine how they'll look on your couch? We're just as intrigued.

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