7 Fascinating Facts Every Girl Should Know About Her Boobs

Including why you should stop sleeping on them


Boobs are strange creatures. For one thing, no other part of a woman’s body gets as much attention and defines our body image as these mounds do. They play a big role in our lives (no matter what your size is) and are just as individual as your face is to you. 

Of course, no two pairs of breasts are identical, but did you know that two boobs of the same set are rarely match too? Find out why in this list of intriguing facts we bet you didn’t know about your twin peaks.

1. They can weigh up to 23 pounds

If you have a pair of double-Ds, that is. Wanna put your knockers on the scale? Find out here

2. There are 5 types of nipples

Flat, puffy, inverted, unilateral and just plain, old normal, in fact. Geez, and you thought there were only differences in size and colour. 

3. Breasts get fat

As you age, the collagen and connective tissues in your boobs shrink and get replaced by fat. This means they may get bigger, but along with the extra weight, you’ll be experiencing more sag. Not quite the perky upgrade you were wishing for.

4. The skin around them is thin

Just like the bellies of pregnant women, the skin around your boobs gets stretched as they develop; even more so if you’re extremely well endowed. To keep your pair from heading south, try investing in a firming cream specifically designed for the bust area.

5. Your sleeping position can affect their shape

Sleeping face-down puts pressure on your boobies, so flip over to your side or lie face up unless you’re aiming for a pancake-flat chest. Experts recommend that you wear a soft-cup bra to bed, too, to prevent excessive stretching and squashing.

6. They can get sunburnt even if they’re covered

Which is why if you’re heading out for a day in the sun, you should protect your girls by slathering sunblock over your chest first.

7. The left one is usually larger

There are very, very few women with perfectly symmetrical breasts. If you aren’t one of them, chances are that your left is slightly larger than the right - a phenomenon that hasn’t yet been scientifically explained. The nipples, too, can also be asymmetrical and don’t worry if they’re pointing in different directions - that’s perfectly normal. 

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