Science Says You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

Right is wrong when it comes to position


Everyone has a side they prefer to sleep on, and the position that you gravitate towards is naturally the most comfortable for you. But did you know lying on your left side is biologically the healthiest - largely due to how our internal organs are structured?

While it’s not guaranteed to add years to your life, it could potentially give you more restful nights in the ways described below. Sleep-starved or suffering from the problems mentioned here? It won’t hurt to try flipping onto your left side tonight!

#1 It boosts lymphatic drainage

This might sound weird, but in Ayurvedic practice, the left side of the body is completely different from the right side, with the former associated with sleep and considered our dominant lymphatic side. This mindset is bolstered by western research, which has found that sleeping on one’s left side can help the body process waste materials more effectively.

#2 It’s good for your heart

This isn’t new - pregnant women have long been told by doctors to sleep on their left side for health reasons. Even if you aren’t preggers, this position can benefit you too. How? Lying on your left side takes some pressure off the heart, because the position allows gravity to facilitate both lymph drainage towards and aortic circulation away from this key organ of the body.

#3 It relieves backache

If you suffer from back pain, sleeping on your side could ease it significantly by relieving pressure on the spine. Of course, a lot also depends on the quality of your mattress and whether you’re using one that’s suited to your needs.

#4 It may reduce heartburn and improve digestion

Lying on your left can help reduce acid reflux symptoms - our stomach sits on our left and this position prevents gastric acid backflow. Secondly, it allows gravity to move food waste from the large intestine into the descending colon, which pretty much means you’ll be more likely to do a number two when you wake.

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