RiRi Is This Summer's Anthem Queen

She's already slayed in back-to-back collaborations with two of music's hottest names


In the world of music today, painstakingly manufactured and prettily packaged tunes have become the norm. And usually, one tune melds into another so well, the only distinguishing feature is a great hook that lasts a few seconds.

So when a song actually gives us goosebumps, we break out the celebration bubbly. Today is one of those days, following the drop of Rihanna's collaboration with Sia on Sledgehammer, the theme song for the highly-anticipated Star Trek: Beyond blockbuster, which hits theatres next month. What can we say? It's music crack.

Then again, considering their last partnership spawned the classic Diamonds, it's no surprise that the ladies have sprinkled their music magic dust on this one too.

And just as we were trying to get RiRi's other earworm track out of our heads too. Sledgehammer follows quick on the heels of her dance track This Is What You Came For, her little Calvin Harris project which was released on 29 April.

Come on RiRi, we're waiting for that hat trick - even though, in our eyes, you've already scored the Song of the Summer.

Photos: thefader.com, mic.com

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