#PowerSquad: Xia Xue

The queen bee on human nature, and not being afraid to speak her mind


She’s been the recipient of nasty, nasty comments, her residential address can be found on hate forums, and just recently, someone stubbed out a cigarette on her car. But that’s not going to stop Singapore’s most famous blogger from doing what she loves.  

Why do you feel what you do is enriching?

I really don’t know how to answer this without sounding like a conceited, pompous a**hole. Moreover, I don’t really feel like what I do is particularly important nor enriching. I just post about my thoughts and daily life and if it affects people in a positive way, that’s great! If not, I can’t be bothered if the media I post doesn't benefit anyone - I just post whatever I want to post because it is my platform.

What have you learnt in the process?

I guess there are all kinds of people in the world, and people can be more cruel and more kind than I could have ever imagined. Before the internet exposed me to this diversity, I would never have imagined that anyone would curse me with a miscarriage. Nor would I have imagined that people can be so sweet that when they send me a birthday present, they include personalised gifts for everyone in my family.

How does it feel to be regarded as the most powerful social media person in Singapore?

I think in the past that may have been true. But these days, I think celebrities rule the social media scene. They have their own pages, and a stronger voice. They can say what they want, and later, clarify their comments if there’s a controversy. Before, they had to wait for an interview or something to set the record straight. Traditional bloggers, I feel, are no longer the most powerful online. The celebs are getting into the game, though they may not be as opinionated or interesting, because you do need that writing style. 

When it comes to reaching out to your followers, what do you feel most proud or satisfied about?

It feels good when people send me emails telling me I’m inspiring them to stand up for themselves or get the courage to do the right things.

How do you deal with your haters?

Sometimes, I do respond because frankly, I love insulting people. It’s fun! I do self-censor, sometimes. If it’s a post about my son, I won’t use vulgar language. And I will never talk about my sex life, that’s private!

How much longer will you do this?

I definitely haven’t gotten enough of blogging yet and I hope it lasts forever. I really enjoy my job, my life. People always tell me I need to make as much money as I can, because things don’t last forever. I’m enjoying the ride still, and I see myself doing this for a long time more.

Photo: Kelvin Chia

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