#PowerSquad: Oon Shu An

According to this multi-hyphenate, the Web is one big, uh, dining table


Former ELLE cover girl (June 2015) Oon continues to ride the digital wave, while making time for various TV and theatre projects. Not bad for someone with a extended following of 12,000 on Facebook and 25,000 on YouTube, yet still thinks she’s a “technology dinosaur”. 

What do you feel you bring to the social media landscape as an actress/host?

I think with social media it’s more about our personalities and the kind of photos we post. Maybe [my work] gets some people interested in what I do regularly.

How much time do you devote to social media?

It depends! When I’m working, more, because I use it to document my work life? Or when I have thoughts to share or something. About 20 per cent of my time out of work, 40 per cent when I’m at work. 

When it comes to social media, reactions vary. What's your stand on fans versus haters?

I think the internet is like a giant dining table. And dining table conversations vary greatly. If the conversation isn’t one that you like, or agree with, you can’t really blame the dining table right? I love robust conversations, I love learning to dialogue, and I love hearing other people’s points of view. Even if it pisses me off and keeps me up at night.

If there is one group that disagrees with another group, then it’s time to come forward and present your point of view. And whether we like it or not, those discussions will continue evolving till the end of time, be it face to face or on the Internet. Why? Because the world is changing, and as a human race we will need to keep changing with it. It is an extension of us, and I love that I now have access to so much information.

How do you feel you are changing lives, influencing decisions, sharing information to people out there?  

I’m not sure if I really know, but like when people leave comments saying they connected with something, or drop me messages to share something that happens to them, that makes me really happy. And I’m so grateful that I have a platform to do that on!

What’s the best and worst thing about leveraging on social media the way you do?

The best thing is being able to reach out to people, and having an avenue to speak in my own voice. The worst thing is when people assume that is exactly who I am. I always aim to be authentic, but it also isn’t my complete personal diary, you know? I try to be happy on it mostly because I try to pass on the happiness that people bring me.

How challenging do things get?

It can get stressful! Especially when I don’t post something for a week, and I feel like I have to. Sometimes, I really need a break from all of it because it can be quite overwhelming. It is a lot of information to process in short periods of time. So it’s good to take a breather. 

Photo: Kelvin Chia

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