#PowerSquad: Nadiah M Din

100,000 followers and this girl is still all about staying real


At 25, this beautiful talent with a larger-than-life personality already has an impressive CV. Her most recent projects include Eric Khoo’s 7 Letters and Italian comedy Le Badanti, which premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival in May. The  former child actor (she started when she was just five) has a 103,000-strong Instragram following who enjoy her fun posts on a daily basis. Taking it upon herself to be a “stress-reliever”, she has no qualms about creating Dubsmash videos alongside hapless taxi drivers, doing face swaps pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio, or entertaining her young nieces by wearing Pampers diapers on her head.

What do you feel you bring to the social media landscape through your being an artiste? 

I always believe it is important to stay true to my personality, especially on social media. I am fun, wacky and a little quirky at times. I feel that these days, most people are less fun on social media platforms. They tend to worry about how they look or they get afraid of what others may think of them.

I believe in bringing fun through my social media posts, so others can enjoy scrolling through my posts. They get to see the real me; gone are the days where I would worry of others judging - people will always judge anyway!  

I also think its great to inspire others in any way possible. I try as much as possible to reach out to the masses to understand their problems and help them in any way, through my words and my videos. 

103,000 Instagram followers, 15,100 Twitter followers, 10,713 Facebook followers...what do these numbers mean to you?

It feels all right, a small number compared to a lot of other artistes. However, I feel blessed and truly honoured. And I always would like to give my best to my followers.

Why do you feel what you do is important and enriching?

I know that there are quite a lot of people on my social media who look up to me as an inspiration. Often, I feel the need to make sure I deliver my best to brighten their day or to help them. Also, I love to interact with my audience, to have a good connection with them. This is crucial, so my followers...also feel appreciated, on some level.

How challenging do things get?

People judge too fast. They never listen, they speak without thinking and will quickly jump to conclusions. I experienced this over my relationship with my French fiance. It can get a little tiring sometimes to read messages or comments that are totally unnecessary, especially after a long tiring day. But I guess this is part and parcel of my work, and I need to learn to adapt - and I have. 

When it comes to reaching out to your followers, what do you feel most proud or satisfied about?

I often receive a lot of private messages saying how happy they are to see my profile and how sometimes my videos or post can cheer them up especially on bad days. I feel that reaching out to my followers may not necessarily be giving a gift back to them for supporting me, but giving them something they can feel - happiness.

At times, they will also write me messages about how I have inspired them in my career path, and so I feel very satisfied when I allow them to see that anything is possible If they apply hard work and discipline.  

What have you learnt about yourself in the process?

Never put too much pressure on myself because my full potential is way bigger than that. I have learnt to focus more on being very positive and to make sure for every post that goes up, I take the time to ensure it’s beneficial, down to a simple recommendation to check out a makan place.  Each posts also says, “Hi, this is the real me, this is Nadiah M Din and my gift to you is being real.” I’m happy that my audience is happy. 

Photo: Kelvin Chia

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