Orange Is The New...Rosé?

It’s time to discover the tipple everyone’s talking about 


You’ve heard of orange juice, but what about orange wine? No, it has nothing to do with the citrus fruit — but a glass of it is no less delicious.

Demand is spiking for this new variation of wine – mostly of Italian descent –  that’s taking vinos by storm. Restaurants across the country have added it to their wine lists, and sommeliers are on hand to introduce what’s been touted as “the new rosé”.

The comparison comes largely from the similar pink-orange hue both drinks have. Orange wine is essentially a type of white wine that’s produced in the same way as a red: Made purely from fermenting grape juice that’s left to macerate with grape skins for days or up to several months.

The tannins create honey and apricot accents – smoky, spicy, a little bitter — that deepen the colour and give it a stronger depth of flavour. Coupled with its intense aromas, this orange wine is becoming a hot favourite among a niche group of drinkers including wine geeks, discerning vintners and the hipster crowd.

Want to give it a go? Look out for options such as Coenobrium “Ruscum” 2011, Brooklyn Oenology Gewurztraminer 2012 or Gravner Anfora Ribolla Gialla 2004. And pair it with red meat - orange wine has a robust character and greater complexity than most whites due to its reasonably high acidity level.

It’s also great with rich foods including cheeses and cured meats, making it one of the most food-friendly tipples around. Something you’ll want to say saluti to the next time you go wine shopping?


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