Never Be Late For Anything Again

Calling the chronically late — punctuality can be your pal


We’ve all been there: That ache in our calves from speed-walking to catch the bus; the constant checking of our watches, willing time to slow down; and that frantic ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ when we meet our obviously fuming friend. Ah, the joys of continuous tardiness. If you’re tired of pissing your friends off and generally scrambling around, here are some simple steps to help you never be late for anything again.

1. Relearn time

It’s easy to underestimate the time you’d take to get ready, especially so for ladies, what with our makeup routines and wardrobe conundrums. Instead of guessing your preparation time, time yourself from the second you wake up to the moment you head out the door. Add 15 minutes to that time (because, you know, stuff happens and applying eyeliner can be a biatch) and you’ve got the time frame for getting ready every morning

2. Prepare the night before

Take some time every night to prepare yourself for the next day. Pack your bag, pick out your outfit and get directions if you’re heading somewhere you’ve never been to before. The time saved can be used to enjoy your morning coffee instead of running around the house trying to get things done.

3. Compartmentalise your thrill-seeking side

It’s a tough pill to swallow but sometimes the race against time that comes with being late can almost be…fun (which says a lot about our taste in entertainment). It’s fine to keep that thrill-seeking side for your own time, but when you have to be somewhere important, keep a clear head and tamp down that instinct.

4. Own a wristwatch

Yes, we know people rely on their phones now, but a watch is a much less distracting method to tell time. Think about it, when you fish out your phone from your bag, how many of us end up replying texts and browsing social media instead of checking the time? We know we’re guilty as charged.

5. Avoid absorbing tasks when you’re about to leave

We often like to overestimate what we can finish in a short amount of time. The solution? Cold turkey. If you only have minutes, don’t even attempt to read your email, finish that book or complete that assignment. Not trying to do everything within a time constraint also means you can do it properly when you have the time.

Photos: TPG Images

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