10 Spoiler-Free Reasons You Need To Watch Deadpool

We’re not even counting Ryan Reynolds as one of them


He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Ryan Reynolds just found himself firmly reinstated on Hollywood’s A-List, thanks to this clever offering that’s gone down in our books as THE best Marvel superhero flick since Guardians of the Galaxy. And okay, if you need more reasons to fork out to see it besides the hunky hottie, here are 10 darn good ones.


The premise is nice and simple. Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative-turned-mercenary, undergoes a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers. Armed with his new abilities and a dark sense of humor, he takes on the alter ego Deadpool and hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life. He doesn’t have to save the world, save a President, or the galaxy. We love that!


Deadpool’s script is razor sharp. The jokes and witty one-liners fly at you faster than Hawkeye’s arrows. 


On its opening weekend alone (read: just three days), it made USD132.7 million - no small potatoes considering it cost a paltry USD58 million to create. The movie audiences have spoken! The film has broken several records, including the highest opening weekend for any R-rated movie, breaking The Matrix Reloaded's 13-year-old record of $91.7 million.  


Deadpool is unlike Marvel’s other squeaky-clean, upstanding superheroes. Reynolds is perfectly cast - as this flawed, cynical character, he has the physical chops, but what really gets us hot under the collar is how he’s so droll and unapologetically sarcastic. We daresay no one else would be able to play the role like he does. Not even Robert Downey Jr (if he was even available).


The opening credits are genius. All we’ll say is you’ll be sniggering non-stop and you’ll realise then and there that you’re in for a real treat over the next hour and 48 minutes.


Here’s a film that features an ally called Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who’s a great foil for Deadpool. The name alone should pique your curiosity. P/S: She’s awesome.


You can feast your eyes on fantastic fight scenes, thanks to stunt choreographer Philip J Silvera. There’s a great mix of slo-mo sequences, clever camera work (imagine seeing bullets ricochet in formation) and generally well-shot scenes that will keep even those who aren’t into violence wanting more. 


It’s said that Reynolds, a Deadpool fan, had been trying to get this movie made for 11 years. He even took a pay cut to turn his dream into a reality. Now that’s commitment.


It stars trained MMA fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano, who’s no stranger to stunts herself. She plays snarly, villainous sidekick Angel Dust. 


The sequel is already being written!

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