More WhatsApp Tricks To Master

#levelup to sensei status


#1 Be kind to your data plan

We've all paid the price for being a little too eager to share funny memes and other posts with our friends - a hefty phone bill that has us kicking ourselves. To avoid this, open Settings in your WhatsApp, then tap on Data Usage. To save precious MBs, it's best you  choose to receive and accept attachments on Wi-Fi only, unless there's none around you.

#2 Emphasis your point

Add asterisks to either side of a word. For example, "Can you call me *now* please!"

#3 Get curly

Add underscores to either side of a word. For example,"She asked me if I was OK with helping her buy lunch, and I thought _duh_, of course!"

#4 Be a super striker

Add tildes to either side of a word. For example, "Would you like to have a ~drink~ coffee later?"

#5 Play with different formats

You can use different permutations for each word, such as bold and italicise. For example, "Please don't forget to pick up _*Tabasco*_ on your way home".

#6 Be an overachiever

Available for Android users only, the feature allows you to set new personal records for replying texts. Forget having to open your WhatsApp icon to locate your message - go to Settings, Notifications, then Popup Notification, and you can reply directly from the notification. This setting applies for both individual messages and group messages.  

#7 Be a one-number woman

Forget registering the new number attached to your overseas SIM card and confusing your friends - just continue WhatsApping with your normal number. How? When you put your new SIM in and activate WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted to register the new number; iignore the pop-up or cancel it, and send messages as per normal. WhatsApp should work with your regular number.

#8 Keep things personal

This is a great feature for those who prefer not to use Facebook. It's much like the Bcc function for emails; you could send out a notify about a dinner gathering to 36 people, but all of them would receive it as a personal message. Genius! At the top left of your WhatsApp screen, look for "Broadcast Lists". Tap on it for the option to create a new list of contacts you want your message to go out to, then type your message for one. This also reduces annoying group chat groups in a hurry!


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