Mmmbop Is Back - & Better Than Before



If someone were to ask me to name one song that’s really stood the test of time, I’d unhesitatingly tell them it’s gotta be the 1997 summer hit, Mmmbop by Hanson. 

That track is high on my list of Most Unforgettable Earworms. Many have tried to karaoke to it, with mixed success; the bright melody and rhythm are impossibly addictive, even if the lyrics make very little sense. The chorus alone, with its complicated harmonies, is a monster to imitate. 

So who better to cover the tune than the brothers Hanson themselves? Days ago, the trio (they’ve really grown up, haven't they?) gave the world a stripped-down version on the American TV show, Greatest Hits. The melodies remain spot on, though the voices are a lot less high-pitched. And strangely, it gives you the feels.

Hankering for the original track? You're welcome.

Who knew a 19-year-old pop hit could enjoy such a fantastic redux? P/S: It would be interesting to find out how many of today’s hits might experience the same. 

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