Millennials, This Is How You Can Get Ahead In Your Career

And defy the stereotypes employers have of you


If you’re not a millennial, you probably already have set opinions of how differently, from you, your young colleagues function in the workplace. And if you are that young colleague, you’re likely sick of hearing the stereotypical views the rest of the population has of your generation by now.

Like it or not, there’s no denying that millennials are speedily reshaping work culture everywhere. While everyone else is trying to adjust to their needs and pace, it is just as important (and beneficial) for the new generation to learn how to fit harmoniously in the workplace. Here are a few tips for the job-seeking or working millennial who wants to stand out in all the right ways. 

1. It’s all about networking

As a millennial, you’re already a pro at social-media networking. LinkedIn is of course your first stop for employment opportunities, but don’t neglect Facebook or Twitter as likely sources, too. At the same time, exercise care with regards to what you put on these platforms — remember that potential employers could be screening you on your social media accounts.

2. Take risks as early as you can

Now’s the time you can afford some risks — take them early so that you won’t have regrets further down your career path. Dream big, try out anything that could lead you to what you want to do and don’t be afraid to step out into places unknown.

3. Don’t settle for a job that you don’t love

This is a truth that applies across all generations: Taking up a job that you’re passionate about but pays less than the other one which you are hardly excited about will work out better for your long-term morale.

4. Don’t expect your boss to be your pal

Millennial employees do not want a hierarchical relationship with their boss. What they prefer is a more personal and direct approach at work. Probably not a big issue if you are working at a modern start-up, but if you should land a job at a company with a traditional organisational structure, get ready to respect the rules of the place.

5. Praise might not always be given

Growing up, you are likely used to being lavished with praise, but once you step out into the workforce, be prepared instead for criticism to come your way. Don’t take it personally but treat it as a learning experience instead.

6. Stick it out for a bit

Millennials hate stagnation and want to be actively engaged at work all the time. So if these factors should falter, they are likely to be planning a move in no time. Here’s the thing though — there are cases where it’s immediately clear that the situation is never going to change to your benefit; and there are other times when holding that resignation back for a bit will allow you to see how things can be improved with feedback and a change in mindset.

7. Prove them wrong

Don’t agree with the not-so-positive traits that the older generations think millennials possess? Defy the stereotypes by going in with an upbeat and hardworking attitude and it will show in time to come.

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