Meet The New Ultrabook That Could Change Your Life

The Razer Blade Stealth hits virtual shelves today


To game or not to game, that is not the question — the real query here is: Are you ready to redefine the capabilities of a good laptop? If so, this slim, black beauty is going to change the way you work and play. Aside from it's affordability (the retail price starts at $1,499), here are five reasons why the Razer Blade Stealth is a worthy investment.

#1 It has a fully programmable keyboard with individual RGB LEDs under every key — imagine a Skittles-hued dance party every time you type. Working at the weekend just got a lot more fun.

#2 It's incredibly lightweight, and scores high on portability. So it'll go easy on the handles on your favourite tote bag.

#3 There's nothing boring about it. Traditionally, gamer laptops have always looked different from the rest — in line with their functionality. They get to be a little bit more flashy and cutting edge. In other words, have a little more personality.

#4 It's more durable. Compared to the average laptop which is built for work, the Razer Blade Stealth is built with the fanatical gamer in mind, so different materials are used — think brushed aluminium and rubbery soft-touch surfaces that can withstand hours of pounding and wear-down, while offering a more ergonomic feel.

#5 It has fantastic sound capabilities, just the thing we need these days because we spend hours on our computers watching Netflix and YouTube videos. Complementing  great audio is a hardcore graphics card which ups the quality of all visuals. You'll never see Tom Hiddleston in a better light. Promise. 

Find out more about the Razer Blade Stealth here.


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