Meet Citronelle, The Cat With A Moustache

There’s yet another celebrity feline on Instagram with a following you’ll never beat


Before you ask: Yes, she’s born with it. That’s right, Citronelle’s white moustache is not a result of a wacky dye job. And yep, she's a female kitty. But this is one bearded lady who hasn't been labelled a freak. Instead, she’s become a social-media star, with an Instagram following of almost 39K that’s growing by the minute.

The British shorthair is 7 years old and lives in Paris, France — talk about sophistication, indeed.

“We didn’t notice her moustache at first, but loved her attitude,” says her owner Clementine. “I guess it’s her moustache that gives her so much charisma, as she’s always looking classy and elegant — a high-society cat.”

With cats and moustaches being two all-time favourites in pop culture, Citronelle sure has one up on other social-media-celeb kitties. Follow her daily antics at @citroneko and see why she throws the world into a #kittyfrenzy.

Photos: @citroneko via Instagram

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