You Can Blame Your Parents For Your Resting Bitch Face

At last - you can tell everyone that your RBF isn’t your fault


Call it a genetic malfunction: Science says that whether or not you look like you’re perpetually angry with the rest of the world is all down to your genes.

Researchers suggest that Resting Bitch Face, or RBF as it’s commonly known, is linked to your serotonin transporter genes. These are part of the brain’s neurochemical system, and linked to depression and stress. At conception, we inherit a copy of each parent’s serotonin transporter gene - and from there, it’s all down to the long and short of it.

Most people usually have one gene that’s longer than the other, which causes them to have moderate expressions – think blissful nonchalance, like the look you get when you’re playing Candy Crush on your phone.

Those who have serotonin transporter genes that are both short smile more easily and their proverbial funny bones get tickled more often than not, though they are more prone to mood swings.

However, people whose serotonin transporter genes are both long will go through life looking perpetually angry, moody or generally negative. They’re also susceptible to stronger negative emotional reactions to situations. All of which leads to why they look like they’re plotting murder as they hammer away at their keyboard – even though all they’re doing is applying for work leave.

Do you have a RBF? You join a club with luminaries such as Kristen Stewart, Victoria Beckham and Grumpy Cat. And the next time someone asks you to smile more or lighten up, you have two options: Accede to their request...or explain that by your genetic wiring, that’s just not possible!

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