#ManCrushMoment: Paul Rudd

We're starting to believe this gorgeous thespian is a vampire


Currently seen on Netflix's The Fundamentals of Caring, Paul Rudd must surely be The Actor Who Just Won't Age. Looking extremely boyish at 47, he easily passes off as the older brother of his co-stars in his role as a writer who turns to being a care-giver to a disabled teen, after struggling to cope with the death of his young son.

The comedy, which also stars Welsh actor/director Craig Roberts (who was brilliant in the coming-of-age drama Submarineand pop starlet Selena Gomez, celebrates hope, friendship and starting over.

Throughout the movie, watching Rudd is pure pleasure. You'll be blown away by his versatility, his disarming smile, the way he lights up each scene.But most of all, you'll be wondering why he looks like a living version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Not convinced? Check out these photos. What sorcery is this?

Clueless, 1995

2001, Wet Hot American Summer

2009, I Love You, Man

2015, Ant Man

Photos: hotflick.net, moviepilot.com, wikipedia.org, moviechopshop.com, multiglom.com

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