#ManCrushMoment: Mike Colter

Meet Marvel's first African-American leading actor


He played boxer “Big” Willie Little in the Oscar-winning 2004 movie Million Dollar Baby.  He was on TV series The Good Wife as Chicago drug lord Lemond Bishop. And if you’ve got a Netflix subscription, you may have seen his steamy bedroom scenes with Krysten Ritter in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. 

And now, the American actor is returning to our screens today in Marvel’s Luke Cage as the titular character also known as Power Man. He plays an ordinary guy trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem after a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin. Here are a few things we found out about the hunk.

He loves food, yet has abs of steel 

Soda, fast food or fried foods are no-nos, but Colter loves to eat and cooks often. One of his weaknesses? Pumpkin latte.

He’s extremely committed

A classically-trained actor, he’ earned a  Bachelor’s degree in theatre and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University before studying in the Mason Gross School of the Arts. He also bulked up for the role, adding another 15kg to his physique by altering his diet and workouts. Brains and brawn? We're smitten.

He’s breaking cultural barriers

As an African-American lead in a Marvel superhero show, Colter takes his role very seriously. “It's important in the landscape of television, and also, I think, globally,” he says. “As far as symbols and people, when they look at black culture, it's important that we have positive images... I'm proud that people do think he's a good superhero.  And I hope that the black community can feel good about him as well.”

Luke Cage premieres on Netflix today.

Photos: youtube.com, netflix.com

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