Make Money While Getting Over Your Ex

Nothing can cure a heartbreak faster than a little ka-ching


Breakups are horrible. They’re messy and emotional, and transform us from fully functioning adults into blubbering pools. While all you might want to do after one is roll up into a cocoon and binge-watch Friends as you inhale all the ice cream you can find, there’s also the matter of moving on.

And the first step to letting go of that ex? Getting rid of all the crap he or she gave you. Memorabilia like old movie stubs and cards can be thrown or burnt away (hold a bonfire with your girlfriends!), but letting go of more expensive gifts, like that Tiffany & Co. necklace or even your would-be wedding dress, is a little more tricky.

Well, broken-hearted folks, time to head to The site is dedicated to letting you sell everything your ex has ever given you, you’ve given them, or anything around the house that holds painful reminders that he or she was ever a part of your life.

The site has a variety of categories, like jewellery, bridal, boys stuff and even weird stuff, so there aren’t any limits to what you can sell — but of course, nothing lewd or gross.

Besides helping you hawk away bad memories, what’s great about Neverlikeditanyway is that it also allows you to connect with people who are going through the same thing. For every listing, each buyer is required to not only describe the product, but also state why they’re letting go of it and what they’ll be doing with the money.

The stories aren’t all bitter and angry — be inspired by women who’ve finally left their abusive relationships, single mothers raising children on their own and learn how to laugh again with hilariously sarcastic accounts of cheating spouses (our favourite here).

On the site’s Tell It page, you can also submit your own story, and learn how to move on with honest and often funny advice from the site’s blog.

Getting your heart broken doesn't have to mean the end of the world. We say it’s time to pick up the pieces and sell them.

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