Liv Lo & Henry Golding Just Set Your New #RelationshipGoals

Note: Tinder does NOT factor in them


Henry Golding and Liv Lo are crazy about each other. It’s obvious from their body language and adoring gazes throughout this interview...and their looooong, loving liplock when asked to kiss for the camera. (We feel almost embarrassed to be there, at our own photo shoot!)

Now, after four years together, the couple’s dream relationship is about to segue into a dream wedding. This August, they’ll marry in East Malaysia in an Iban-style celebration honouring Golding’s roots - his mum is from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, where he was born.

No doubt it will be their #bestdayever, even for two of Singapore’s freshest faces who are going places. 

Lo, a TV presenter and emcee, is coming into her own as a lifestyle personality to watch and was featured in ELLE’s Girls of Now showcase of new-media movers and shakers last October. Next month, you’ll see the 31-year-old Italian-Taiwanese beauty on the web show Fit For Fashion 2 — All Access by Zalora, a behind-the-scenes look at the reality show Fit For Fashion 2 on cable channel Star World.

Golding, 29, whose father is English, started his career about eight years ago. He was a host on ESPN’s Castrol Football Crazy before establishing himself as a travel and adventure presenter on Welcome to the Rail World and Two Brothers Two Cities. Currently, you can catch him on BBC’s The Travel Show, which airs on BBC World News and BBC Two. 

Naturally, with this many projects on hand, theirs is a relationship that’s largely long-distance. But it was never an issue despite their contrasting personalities, both say.

The gel that binds them: Their similar life goals and how both would do anything for their families. Shares Lo, “I think us being constantly away from each other has worked to our benefit. It’s taught us to appreciate each other more, and develop individually at the same time.”

Adds Golding, “I don’t know how others do it, those who go through a 9-to-5 and then home to see each other. There’s a pressure to be with the other person and spend weekends together, too. We’d go mental if we spend more than two weeks together at a time!” 

Ahead, we find out how exactly this hot couple makes it all work.

What do you love about each other?

Lo Henry is the kindest, most honest, most real person. We don’t hold each other back… it’s made us stronger, better. I think the future is really exciting.

Golding Liv’s a a go-getter. She throws herself into things and is not afraid of making mistakes…and she’s achieved tremendous amounts since moving here. 

Who are your relationship role models?

HG Definitely our parents - mine have been together for about 30 years.

LL Mine have been married for 36 years. Love and marriage are different for the older generation, though. Things were less complicated.

HG My takeaway is to be each other’s best friends to spend the rest of your life with.

LL Mmm-hmm, of course.

HG If you strip everything away and you get along, that’s key. Ask yourself: If ever you lose everything in your life apart from the person that’s sitting next to you, will you still be able to love each other and survive? If the answer is yes, then that’s it. You’ll be happy.

You have your own set of challenges…

LL Definitely. Living in different cities was something we faced early on. But it’s the 21st century - you have communication available in every form. I’m just glad we were not in the age of Tinder and all that craziness!

HG We got together in a time before all that stuff, which I think has put people off from finding relationships.

LL I think for couples our age, finding time for each other is also a challenge. And keeping things fresh.

HG Monogamy, too. It’s so easy to cheat, with all these apps and things. 

LL Or to just think you want something else when you don’t realise how good you have it.

Why does your relationship work? 

HG We’ve got our long-term goals in place. Once you’ve committed this much time, effort and love into something, it doesn’t make sense to [cheat]… And you actually don’t feel like it.

LL Knowing every little thing about a person takes time. No matter where a couple is going, towards marriage or children, they have to constantly be honest and open. Even if it’s hard, because things can shift very quickly.

What advice do you have for other couples?

LL Be more spontaneous. It took a colossal natural disaster and boom, we’re together. And you fall in love - and  work for it. 

HG I think every relationship is unique but what makes it your relationship are the little quirks you share. 

What do you see in your future?  

HG A marriage where we continue to support each other. And bring up children with fantastic moral compasses. We hope to get PR status here; we love Singapore, it’s a great place to bring up three kids.  

LL We’ll see how it goes, ha ha!

They say sex dies after marriage…

HG Luckily, we’re not married yet! Maybe sex dies after children? Hopefully not!

LL Not when he kisses like he did at the shoot. That was the best kiss in the whole world!

For the full story, get the February issue of ELLE Singapore here!

Photos: Aik Chen

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