If Your Mobile Phone Is Damaged...

You’re not alone. A smartphone survey has revealed some surprising statistics about Asian users


It’s official: Asians, known to be smitten with electronics, aren’t so loving when it comes to taking care of their mobile devices.

A recent survey called The State Of Our Smartphones by US phone case retailer Otter Box polled 2,500 smartphone owners aged 18 and above from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan to find out more about phone damage in the region. Turns out a whopping 41 per cent of respondents were using damaged devices because they didn’t see the value in repairs.

Here are the details on those interesting findings and more.

  • One in 10 respondents across all countries admitted to damaging their smartphone over 10 times in the past five years. Among them, 38 per cent of Singapore respondents are likely to damage their smartphones within the first three months of purchase.
  • 41 per cent of respondents were using a damaged smartphone while participating in the survey.

  • Smartphones in Singapore commonly get bruised and battered in three ways: Being dropped on the street (31 per cent) or on public transport (29 per cent). And one out of 10 smartphones experience an impromptu dive into the toilet bowl.

  • Almost half (41 per cent) of Singaporeans won’t spend on smartphone repairs. Twenty-two per cent think they’re too expensive while 10 per cent would rather wait to replace the phone when their contract expires.
  • 71 per cent would rather live with a cracked smartphone than spend anything on repairs.
  • Singapore respondents spend an average of USD19 (SGD27) on a smartphone case, of which 29 per cent of these refuse to spend over USD10 (SGD14).
  • 32 per cent of Singapore respondents value having protection from everyday wear and tear, with 22 per cent preferring to protect their smartphones with drop- and smash-proof cases. And at least one out of five respondents across the region wants a stylish case.

Photos: Otter Asia

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