If You Watch Only 1 Music Video This Year, Make It This

It’s the future of MTVs to come


Behold music lovers, the future is here - and it’s pretty damn impressive. Cassius, an alternative-dance duo from France, has re-invented music videos with the premiere of its latest single, The Missing.

The funky ’80s-style synthpop ballad features vocals from OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, who sings over a digital drum beat: “I think baby, you and me can rewrite the scene”. And make no mistake, he means that literally.

The neon-tinged video follows a couple exploring (and, um, making out a lot in) different urban settings. What’s special about it? You can choose who the romantic pairing is. Whenever you feel like switching things up, click on a character and he/she will instantly be replaced with a new face as the video unfolds before your eyes. 

A total of 20 actors of various ages, races and sexual orientations were filmed in the making of The Missing. Which means you can play around with over a hundred combinations until you find your OTP. Your every click is like the switch of a train track, catapulting you into a new love story.

But while the characters are ever-changing, the focus stays the same. “It’s about love, love and love,” says We are From LA, the team of producers behind the concept, who also happens to be responsible for other viral hits such as Pharrell William’s 24 hours of Happy.

In a world where technology knows no boundaries, what should we expect next? Total digital immersion, perhaps? Whatever it is, times are changing and the possibilities appear infinite. The only thing that’s certain: This is just the beginning.

Check out the video below.


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