If You Can’t Handle Your Period, Technology Can

This bloody good invention will help you take care of that time of the month


Unless you wear fisherman pants, keep your hair in dreadlocks and forage for food in the forest, I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of the Mooncup. This menstrual cup – that’s environmentally friendly and saves you money since it’s reusable – has been popular mostly amongst hippies since it launched in 2002, because the rest of us city slicker types are too squeamish to stick silicone cups up our va-jay-jays and wash out the blood from them after. 

But never mind all that, because the name to remember now is the Looncup. The brainchild of a San Francisco startup called Loon Labs, which has a research office in Seoul, the Looncup works kinda like Mooncup version 10.0 (though its manufacturers are unrelated).

It’s a menstrual cup with all the usual blood-gathering capabilities but with a tech twist: Each cone has a sensor embedded in medical-grade silicone that picks up on the heaviness of your flow and its colour, as changes can signal stress or a lack of sleep. It also tells you whether your cup runneth over (specifically, when it’s 50 or 70 per cent full) so you have an idea of when to remove and rinse it out.

How will you be notified of all this? Via an antenna that’s fitted into the stem of the cup, which uses low-energy Bluetooth to send notifications to your phone. It can even link up to your Apple Watch if you want it to. Handy, if more than a little creepy.

There’s also a Looncup app that will track your cycle and let you know when your period is due.

If you see this as your cue to jump on the wearable tech wagon, then back Looncup’s Kickstarter project here. Loon Labs expects to start shipping the cups in January, and plans to open an online store after are in the pipeline. Now if you’ll excuse me – my vagina just sent me a message.

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