How You Eat Pizza Says A Lot About You

Are you classy, quirky or an overachiever?


Pizza - what would life be without it? It's one of easiest meals to enjoy, either from the comfort of your plush couch or at a restaurant where your appetiser is likely to be crusty bread and EVOO. There’s practically a combination for every preference - bespoke is a beautiful word - when it comes to toppings, the type of crust and even the amount of cheese. 

A lot less has been observed, however, when it comes to the mode of consumption. But body-language experts have made their analysis. See which one best matches your pizza-eating profile.

The Cutlery User

Look ma, no hands! If you can't imagine eating pizza without a knife and fork, you're likely to be either a hypochondriac or a germophobe, or you like things a little posh. You approach life with the same attitude: You are methodical and calculative because you don’t like jumping into things with your eyes closed.

The Folder

You turn a pizza slice into a taco or a cannoli. If you eat your pizza folded in half instead of flat, you're likely to be always on the go and tend to find the most convenient way to do things. You're fuss-free and you have no problem with multi-tasking.

The Pincher

Do you hold your slice of pizza at the crust, pinched between your thumb and your index and middle fingers? If so, you're likely to be a neutral person. Others are black or white, but you prefer grey areas. It makes you the perfect person to mediate an argument, and your practicality means you know how to get things done effectively.

The Inverted Folder

Like The Folder, you appreciate convenience - but with a twist. You're likely to be unconventional, quirky and adventurous. You also tend not to put off pleasure (that's why you want a taste of the salty, greasy goodness first, instead of plain, flour-y crust).  

The Toppings-First Eater

That description says everything doesn't it? You appreciate and like to savour the good things in life. You’re also easy like Sunday morning - laid-back, in no rush, you prefer to take things slow. Living in the moment is your MO.

The Sandwich Maker

You stack two slices of pizza on top of one another, whether the toppings face up or down. If you think this is normal, you're likely to be a multi-tasker or overachiever. You zoom through life, several tasks at a time - one of which is probably eating your pizza stacked, while sending out an email.

The Crust Snob

You're one of those who chows down on a slice of pizza till you get to the doughy or crispy perimeter, at which point you abandon it in disgust. You're likely to be extremely organised; your wardrobe is also likely to be colour-coded, and you don't believe in meeting deadlines on the dot - because you get tasks completed even earlier than everybody else.

The Dabber

As soon as the pizza arrives, you dab at it with a napkin, to eliminate excess oil. If you're likely to do that, you probably have OCD issues or you're just a health freak who should have ordered a Cobb salad instead.

The Rebel

Going against the grain is your aim in life, so much as that you eat the crust first, then move inwards to the inverted V at the other end of your pizza slice. If you do that, you're unconventional and you really don't care what people think. You make your own rules, even if they appear ridiculous.

The Traditionalist

You just pick it up your and eat it. No drama! You're likely to be a focused, driven person who doesn’t like standing out in a crowd. Your BS threshold is likely to be low, and trends seem frivolous to you.


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