How To Survive Festive Drinking

Have all the fun without the nasty hangover


Who else is gearing up for the long Christmas and New Year weekends? With a total of seven free days to come, it would be a waste to not make full use of every single one of them. But with the holidays come parties, and with parties come (lots of) alcohol, and with alcohol comes the inevitable hangover — or so you think. Here are some ways to prevent nasty hangovers, or at least mitigate its effects, so you can party with full abandonment.

Sidenote: Please, please drink responsibly. Don’t binge drink and don’t drive if you know you’re going to be having alcohol — party hard, but party safe.

Before drinking

It’s all about prepping your body so the effects of alcohol don’t hit you too hard. Try and get a good night’s sleep, and since drinking causes you to lose a ton of vitamins and nutrients, load up on multivitamins before heading out the door. What you have for dinner before a night out plays a big part too. Eat high-carb, high-fat and high-protein dishes (a.k.a all your guilty pleasures, yay!) to help your body process the alcohol.

While drinking

Of course, the best way to skip a hangover is to drink in moderation. But if you have zero self-control, try the one-for-one technique, where you have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have — this doesn’t just keep you hydrated, it also bloats you so you take your drinks slow.

You might also want to skip the whisky and tequila and go for vodka instead. Studies have shown that darker distilled spirits contain more congeners, a toxic by-product of alcohol that cause worse hangovers, compared to clear ones like vodka.

After drinking

If you still have space in your stomach, drink a Sprite or soda water before heading home. According to a study by Guangzhou’s Sun Yat-Sen University, the two fizzy drinks help your body get rid of the toxins produced when you drink.

The morning after, make yourself a hearty breakfast of eggs, bananas and juice. Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid which gets rid of the hangover-causing chemical acetaldehyde; bananas replenishes your body’s electrolytes and potassium levels; while juice is high in fructose and vitamins, which helps process alcohol.

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