How To Style A Bookshelf Like A Pro

There’s much more to it than just displaying your favourite titles


Ever wondered how some people have such amazing-looking shelves? It’s not the bookcase, but what’s on it that counts. However, amassing a cohesive variety of display items that also fits with your existing book collection is harder than it looks. Here are some tips that even decorators follow:

Colour code

This concept looks spectacular if your books come in an interesting array of colours, or you can play with a two-colour theme or even go monochrome.

Decorative objects

They don’t have to adhere to a singular theme — anything could work. Think shiny, sculptural, something from nature or just plain unusual. Don’t display each item singly, cluster them into groups for visual interest.

Outstanding artwork

A large print or painting can be the main feature of your shelf. No art? Create your own just by propping up several empty frames!

Varying heights

It’s visually boring to align everything to a single height on a shelf. Mix things up with some large dictionaries, mid-sized coffee-table books and perhaps a selection of tiny bud vases.

Build in layers

As with great fashion styling, gorgeous bookshelves are all about layering. Use boxes as props, or place ornaments on stacks of books — don’t be afraid to get creative. Work in some knick-knacks that may be meaningful to you, and slowly add things on as you move along. 

Photos: Real Simple, House & Garden.

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