How To Soften Your Bitchy Resting Face

And stop being miss-understood. After all, you're genuinely friendly inside...right?


If you’ve been asked “what’s your problem?” while staring into space or been told you look unapproachable, you may have a “Bitchy Resting Face”. A Bitchy Resting Face (or BRF for acronym addicts) is a worldwide phenomenon where you look perpetually pissed off, even when you’re happy. Celebs like Kristen Stewart, Victoria Beckham, Rooney Mara and Kim Kardashian are also afflicted with this, so you’re not alone. Show the world how warm and inviting you really are with our tips on how you can fix your BRF — no surgery required.

1. Relax and smile

If you want people to think you’re friendly, all you have to do is smile. It’s easier said than done though, so here’s what you can do if smiling seems forced: Relax your lips and let them naturally part a little (picture Angelina Jolie’s pout, but less sexy) to convey warmth.

2. Tilt your head

Show someone you enjoy being around them by tilting your head to the side when he or she is talking. It seems like a ditzy move but what your body is really saying is “I’m so comfortable with you, I’m exposing to you the weakest part of my body” — the neck.

3. Widen your eyes

You see someone interesting at a year-end party and desperately want him to approach you. Open your eyes wider when you make eye contact but keep them relaxed — no one will approach you if you have crazy eyes. When talking, let them know you’re interested in what they have to say by subtly moving your gaze the eyes, mouth, chin and back to the eyes again. It’s a visual cue that says you’re looking for more information.

4. Make it up

When all else fails, you can fake it till you make it with a few simple changes in your makeup routine. Instead of a high arch or dark Cara Delevingne-esque brows, create a straighter brow with a soft curved arch to open up the face while looking amiable.

Photos: TPG Images

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