How To Regift Without Hurting Someone’s Feelings

The rules to observe when passing on a present you don’t want/need


Did you know that the word “regift” is listed in the Oxford Dictionary? The act of giving away unwanted presents has become that common a practice, although whether it's socially acceptable or not is another matter. Is it okay to give away that hideous mug someone gave you to that aunt you don’t quite like? And will anyone notice if you redistribute the dozen of hand creams you’ve amassed from the office Xmas gift exchange? Follow our guide to polite regifting.

1. Never regift handmade items

Monogrammed items, one-of-a-kind gifts or those that come inscribed with signatures or writing are off limits. Duh.

2. Brand-new condition only

Make sure the box that the item comes in is in pristine condition and cellophane wrappers are still intact. Also, know that fingerprints on a shiny item give away the fact that you’ve decided you didn’t want it after putting your paws all over it.

3. Think about the connections

If you’re gonna regift, make sure you give the item to someone who is unlikely to know it’s original giver – common sense, really. Maybe it’s a good idea to consider that theory about the six degrees of separation.

4. Repackage it properly

Think no one would know that you’ve opened that gift bag since you’ve pried it open as gently as you can? There’s always a scuff or tear that you could easily miss. Don’t forget that the original wrapping the present came in could potentially give away its origins.

5. Have the best of intentions

Sometimes, you receive an item that you know a friend of yours would love – and that’s when regifting can be seen as a thoughtful gesture. In this instance, there’s little shame in letting the regiftee know that it’s something you’ve passed on to her. 

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