How To Make Your Gym Clothes Last Forever

Extend the lifespan of your favourite Lululemon tights



We know the importance of looking good while you work out – it’s definitely a motivating factor to catch a glimpse of your put-together reflection in the mirror while pounding the treadmill. So, now that you’ve shelled quality cash on good gym gear, how do you go about taking care of them? We’ve rounded up some tips for you below.

Always use cold water

Wash your fitness clothes in cold water in the washing machine (yup, you read that right – no need for hand wash!), and make sure you don’t throw in other clothes in the same cycle to avoid unwanted lint.

Turn them inside out

Flipping your outfits inside out before you wash them will help to preserve the colour for a longer time.

Ditch the fabric softener

Your gym gear is often made from sweat-wicking fabric, which means using a softener may reduce the fibres’ effectiveness to manage moisture and regulate your body temperature.  

Freeze the stink away

Sometimes, there’s a stubborn stink that stays on your workout clothes no matter how much detergent was doused on them. Simply place them in the freezer to neutralise those smells! The cold temperature zaps away the bacteria that cause the foul scent – just make sure you don’t place them next to the fish!

Tumble on low

Although hanging to dry will definitely prolong the lifespan of your clothes, many of us simply don’t have the time to do. Thankfully, it’s perfectly fine to tumble dry your exercise gear on low, especially those with natural fibres like cotton.

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