How To Make Your Dream A Reality

Three inspiring stories to prove that nothing is out of reach


What is it that drives us to lead our lives to the fullest, no matter which course we choose to take? According to these three women, who are all living very different dreams, the answer is: Passion. Be inspired by them, just as we are.

Sonia Chew, 987FM DJ

Since winning the 987FM Radio Star competition three years ago, Chew’s life has changed in many ways. Now a DJ for the radio station and a MediaCorp personality, the 24-year-old also travels the world as a host, meeting Hollywood stars at just about every stop.

Has being a DJ so far been what you’ve expected?

It’s not what I expected at all! I never thought I’d have to do so many things outside of a four-hour show (The Bright Side on 987FM). I’m not complaining, though - I adore it. I tend to pack a lot of activities in my schedule even at the expense of sleep and a social life. If I don’t do it while I’m young, then when?

How has work changed your life?

The moments that touch me the most are when random people come up to me on the streets, saying “thank you” for helping them through their mornings. If anything, I want to use my work as a way to improve our listeners’ quality of life, and to create a more positive environment for everyone.

Sarah Pang, pro tennis player 

Despite having cold water thrown on her sporting dream, 30-year-old Pang persisted and came through a winner. She’s now the only Singaporean tennis player who competes regularly on the International Tennis Federation Pro circuit, and the story of her bumpy journey to success is pure inspiration. 

Youve started a crowdfunding campaign for your career - tell us more.

I wanted to be proactive about looking for the support I need to make it on tour. The best “government handout” for me is the fact that we live in a wonderful, prosperous country with an educated population. I believe there are people out there who are willing to help and believe in raising leaders to make a positive difference in their country. For me, it’s much more meaningful to have a community of people behind you, because your journey then takes on a different lens and you win for the people with you. 

What are your hopes for the future athletes of Singapore?

That funders, sponsors and the government consider investing more in people, breaking out of the frame that you always need results before any sort of help will be given. It is a chicken-and-egg cycle and there are better ways to sustainably groom talent. We need to expand our understanding and definitions of success.

Lynn Yeow-De Vito, PR mogul

This 35-year-old executive director of The Ate Group and co-founder of has wanted a big household since she was 15. Happily, she’s made it a reality - all whilst juggling a hectic work schedule.

Has having a big family been everything you envisioned?

It has been that, just 10 times more fun (and tiring!). It’s tough managing work, family, couple quality time and still be able to spend time with friends. But I have learnt that as we go along. It helps that Beppe [De Vito, her restaurateur husband] is very much hands-on and supportive.

The time I have now is spread among my four boys: Marco, 11; Tanin, five and half; Nico, three; and Lucio, 15 months. That’s my maximum I can manage now - four boys of different ages and different personalities.

What do you say to women who feel they can’t have it all?

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Don’t try to have it all. We can’t have it all!

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