How To Make Smart New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t set yourself up for failure in 2016


Be honest — how many of this year’s resolutions did you accomplish? It’s okay if your answer is zero, because more than three quarters of the world’s resolution-making population would have failed as dismally as you did. Want to know how to ace them in 2016, just so you can smugly boast about your success at the next New Year’s Eve party? Follow our guide to ensure that it happens:

1. Start small

A classic mistake is to list down goals that are unattainable. Let’s not kid ourselves, honey — lower your aims or break them into manageable parts. Want to lose 6kg by the end of next year? Try telling yourself you need to drop a kilo every two months — now doesn’t that sound much easier?

2. Less is more

More focus, that is. Got 10 goals on that list? Whittle it down by half and you’ll double your chances of success.

3. Make it a “want”

Too often, resolutions are based on the “shoulds” in life. You should be saving up, you should tidy up your room, you should get into shape, you should get those mind-boggling insurance plans sorted out… Your list is starting to sound very dull and like your naggy mum. Throw in a couple of things that will excite you, say, picking up a new hobby like scuba-diving or saving up so you can buy that Prada bag you’ve been lusting after (at least you won’t be putting it on credit, right?)

4. Keep track of your progress

It’ll act as a source of motivation and inspire you to push forward to the finishing line. Follow through with an app like Resolutions Tracker or if you're an incorrigible procrastinator, sign up for some online hassling!

5. Define your goals

You’ll find that being specific is a very helpful strategy. Instead of writing down “eat out less”, perhaps put down “cook dinner at home at least thrice a week”. Don’t just think “shop less”, set yourself a monthly expenditure budget that you must not exceed.

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