These Gift-Wrap Hacks Will Ensure You Never Ruin Another Gift

No expensive wrappers involved, even


So Christmas is just round the corner and you’ve barely had time to finish your festive shopping, much less buy wrapping paper (which, by the way, is shockingly expensive these days) and get those gifts parcelled up. Well, all is not lost. With just these eight handy essentials, you can get all sizes of gifts presentable in a flash!

Read on to solve all your wrapping woes.

1. A big roll of craft paper

Cheap and sturdy, it’ll serve as a base for the creative accents that you’ll learn how to make below.

2. Baker’s twine

...In as many colours as you can get. This is a much more affordable alternative to fancy ribbons - and it looks no less chic.

3. Round stickers

It’s amazing how a few of these in the brightest shades can create a funky polka-dot wrapper in no time.

4. Felt pom-poms

Stick them on with the help of a glue gun and voila! You’ve got instant fuzzy embellishments.

5. Washi tape

If there’s anything you absolutely can’t go wrong with, it’s washi tape. Best of all, it comes in a multitude of kawaii designs!

6. Duct tape

Just mix and match for graphic contrast.

7. Sprigs of herbs or leaves

You don’t even have to spend on these if you collect them off the street. But please, make sure you pick those that are hole- and bug-free.

8. Cloth squares

If all else fails, look around the house for some old scarves you no longer need and tie them around your gifts a la Japanese furoshiki. Instant cool.

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