How To Get Away With Not Buying Presents

Your family and friends won’t even notice


Presents - great when you’re on the receiving end, but such a headache when it comes to buying them.

Now, what if we told you there’s a way to skip all your Christmas shopping? Instead of racking your brains thinking about the perfect gifts for your parents, siblings, in-laws and friends, bring them all together for a special holiday dinner with food and drinks made with your own two hands.

Only thing you know how to make is instant noodles? Don’t worry - we found five of the best culinary studios where you can learn how to make a festive meal that will warm both tummies and hearts.

#1 Shermay’s Cooking School

At this popular cooking school - also known for its famously fiery cilicuka sauce and bak kwa marinade sold in stores islandwide - chef Jean-Philippe Patruno, from Spanish joint Una, will be teaching you how to create a traditional English Christmas dinner.

What you’ll be making: Christmas gammon with mustard marmalade glaze, chestnut and smoked bacon puree, apple compote and braised red cabbage with sultanas.

How much: $159. More information here.

#2 ToTT

Sushi is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think Christmas — unless it’s shaped and assembled to look like Santa Claus or a Christmas tree, like the sort you can learn to make here. Delicious and adorable, these will be a crowd-favourite at any year-end party.

What you’ll be making: Santa Claus sushi roll and Christmas Tree sushi.

How much: $98. More information here.

#3 Coriander Leaf

You’ve probably been to Coriander Leaf for dinner.  Now learn how to make its brand of Asian-Fusion food at home. The restaurant-cum-cooking studio is offering a Christmas In Byzantine-themed demo class helmed by founder Samia Ahad, which will guide you through an extensive holiday menu.

What you’ll be making: A seven-course meal which includes Kefta Maticha, herbed lamb meatballs in a tomato-cinnamon sauce, and Tattisi, poached pears in spiced pomegranate juice with sweet yoghurt cream - yum.

How much: $165. More information here.

#4 Little Green Kitchen

Christmas doesn’t have to just be about turkey or ham. Join the Festive Cooking class at the Little Green Kitchen to learn how to whip up a delectable vegetarian meal that will win over your staunchest meat-loving friend.

What you’ll be making: Stuffed fig, feta and orange salad with caramelised walnuts, spiced roast pumpkin, sage and ricotta parcels, and spinach potato and leek pie in a filo shell.

How much: $85. More information here.

#5 Cookery Magic

If you’d rather have beef rendang than ham, sign up at Cookery Magic, where there’s a wide variety of classes focusing on cuisines from around Asia, including Peranakan, Malaysian, Sri Lankan and even Eurasian.

What you’ll be making: Each course features a different set of dishes, so it’s really all up to you.

Deets: From $100. More information here.

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