How To De-Wrinkle Your Clothes Without Using An Iron

These tips are perfect for the frequent traveller


One thing we hate about travelling is having to deal with a suitcase full of wrinkly clothes on arrival at our destination. It’s an annoying problem, especially when you are out of town for business and need to look presentable.

Instead of chalking up a hefty laundry bill, try a few of these tricks for quick and easy wrinkle removal. They’ll work nicely on lightly creased clothes and require minimal effort.

1. Use your hair straightener.

It does a great job of ironing out your hair – why not use it on your shirt? If your flat iron has different temperature settings, you can even set it on low and use it on delicate silk garments.

2. Spray the garment with water and hang it up to air-dry.

This works for lightweight fabrics such as silk, polyester or rayon. To speed up the drying process and for a better straightening effect, blast it with warm air from a hairdryer.

3. Use steam from a kettle.

This works pretty much like a garment steamer – and you’re sure to have a kettle in your hotel room. When the water’s boiling , direct steam from the kettle spout over your garment.

4. Spray on a wrinkle releaser.

Try this or make your own wrinkle-erasing spray by mixing in a tiny amount of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle.

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