How To Celebrate Your Birthday Like A Grown Up

5 to-dos for a mature yet fun day


It may seem silly to make a big deal out of a birthday as we all get older. But even if you’re content with no celebration at all, birthdays are still a great way to get all your friends together amid busy schedules, and a personal reminder to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come. 

So start making those invitations — here are five totally grown-up ways to celebrate your birthday.

1. Make-your-own-cocktail party

We’ve shown you five awesome birthday cake-inspired cocktail recipes, now gather all your friends to your home and try your hand at making all of them together. Then sit back and catch up while sipping on your own delish creations — that’s what we call a great night.

2. Pokemon Go party

Let’s face it — why bother hitting the clubs to celebrate your birthday when all you really, really want to do is to catch some Pokemon? If your friends are as Poke-crazy as you are, make an entire day or night out of it and take a mini road trip to the various hotspots around Singapore to try and catch them all.

3. Cook off

Instead of having a potluck dinner, invite your closest friends over to prepare food together. They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but we think cooking in a small space with the people you love will bring everyone even closer in the most delicious way possible.

4. Film marathon

If you want to host a large group of people on your birthday, rent out a movie theatre for a movie marathon. Local independent cinema The Projector has a number of cosy spaces that’re perfect for a laid-back get-together. You could even set a theme for the movie marathon so everyone has to turn up as a character from the movies played. 

5. Grown-up sleepover

We’ll be honest and say that a grown-up sleepover is exactly the same as a kid’s sleepover…except with a lot more booze. Talk about life all night with your girlfriends, try the 100 Layers Of challenge and order more late-night pizza than you really should, accompanied with a bottle or two of wine.

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