How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

And start 2016 on a lighter note


The end of the year is packed with Christmas celebrations and gatherings, which means that you’ll pretty much be stuffing your face all the way right up to New Year’s Day. Never underestimate the waist-widening effects of just two weeks of overeating — while there are ways to conceal that food baby, it’s wiser to watch the binge-eating before things go pear-shaped. 

1. Arrive at the party half-full

Thinking of “saving stomach space” to take full advantage of the Christmas dinner? Obviously not a good tactic if you want to avoid packing on the pounds. Get a healthy snack into your tummy before the party, so you won’t feel the temptation to eat everything you can get your hands on once you’re there.

2. Use smaller plates

In a buffet line? Pick a smaller side plate instead of going for the large-sized ones. Believe it or not, using smaller plates can actually trick us into feeling fuller with less food because the brain associates less space on the plate with more food.

3. Go for protein

And cut down on carbs. It’s a meal plan that’s sounds palatable and actually quite achievable: Eat your fill of ham, turkey and roast chicken and halve your portion of pasta, bread or mashed potato.

4. Cut back on booze and soft drinks

A tall order for some of us, but keep in mind that alcoholic and sweetened drinks add unnecessary calories to our diet. Gassy drinks also give you the bloat, so opt for coffee or tea instead.

5. Don’t avoid dessert

It’s perfectly fine to tuck into that hunk of log cake, but divvy it up with someone else or pick the smallest piece you can find.

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